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Wanting to ‘up your game’? Global Lead Consulting is more than just a specialist IT recruitment and placement agency; we strive to encourage professionalism in the industry and also to assist new entrants to make a positive impact on prospective interviewers and employers. Watch this space for some handy ‘how to’ articles!

Interview Tips For A .Net Developer

For a .Net Developer’s job, preparing for an interview could be difficult due to the fact that the .Net is a wide subject. Even if you have experience as a .Net Developer and you are quite good at your job, it actually doesn’t guarantee that you’ll...

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List of Tools Used by a .Net Developer

Every developer or programmer has specific tools that they use to perform their programming magic. Today we’ll talk about .Net developers and the software and hardware tools that they use to create amazing software. Before I tell you about the software and...

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Interview Tips For A Test Analyst

Software is never complete. New updates are always coming through with software updates and bugs fixes. Of course, developers can’t test their software because they’re too busy developing it. That is where a test analyst is required. You also need to know the ins and...

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Software, Hardware and Tech Used by a Test Analyst

Test analysts play a very vital role in the technology industry. As in all industries they make use of tools to assist them in ensuring they deliver. Finding ‘bugs’ and ensuring software is 100% user friendly takes some assistance. Before we cut to the chase and fill...

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Tips For an IT Based Interview

As an IT recruitment agency we have witnessed our fair share of good interviews. We have put together what we think would be the perfect, subtle choice of words and attitude to help you get your dream job. Are you an IT professional? Are nervous about your next...

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Interview Tips for an IT Technician

The importance of an IT Technician is evidently clear by the role he plays in an IT department, which has become an integral part of every modern industry. As Information Technology recruiting has evolved tremendously over the last decade, businesses are looking more...

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