Who better to have for our profile Recruitment Consultant for the month than the one that shares a surname with the month of April?

Xolelani April (pictured below) studied at the Cape Peninsula University and completed his National Diploma in HRM the year of 2014. He is presently studying towards his BA in Criminal Justice with UNISA. His personal interests consist of law in general, he enjoys exposing himself to related material. Anything related to law will be sure to capture his attention.


GLC: What do you enjoy about working at Global Lead Consulting?

Xolelani: The company culture is the main aspect that is so great about the company – it’s youthful, vibrant, and management is just as good.


GLC: What drew you to apply at Global Lead Consulting?

Xolelani: My passion for recruitment. Global Lead is like the next Uber of recruitment. The company has grown exponentially.


GLC: What fulfilment do you get out of being a Recruitment Consultant?

Xolelani: Knowing that people entrust me to provide them with opportunities that can change their lives.


GLC: What are your day-to-day “duties”?

Xolelani: I source business for the company, I do client core, as well as making it a point that candidates are well marketed in relation to their career desires.


GLC: Do you have any advice for prospective and future candidates?

Xolelani: Preparation! Preparation! Preparation! Always be prepared when going in for an interview.