The interview process can be a daunting one, and as an IT Recruitment Agency, we know the questions that certain candidates tend to get stuck on the most.

We are a business about people, which means we want to help! For this reason, we have compiled a handful of interview tips to assist.

The secret of acing a job interview is to stop believing in luck, and start believing in yourself.


What is your salary expectation?

A catch-22 – if you answer too low an amount, it portrays a lack of confidence. If you answer too high, it could appear as over confidence. An example of a safe answer to this: “I would like to be compensated fairly for my experience”.


Why did you leave your last job?

Keep this positive. Criticizing your previous company or those you worked for/with will put you in a negative light. An example of a good answer would be that you are looking for an opportunity for growth. Remember to still remain honest!


Why do you want this job?

A common question, it’s a good idea to prepare an answer before heading in. Research the company ahead of time, be specific as to why you are a good fit – highlighting your strengths, and place emphasis on what you can contribute.


Why should we hire you?

Point out how your strong points meet what the company needs. Do not mention any other interviewees to add contrast.


Watch this space for future job interview tips and advice!