Our Recruitment Consultants are an extremely important aspect of what we do. They possess a unique set of skills which assists with turning can’ts into cans, and dreams into plans. They provide the required candidates for our highly valued clients, and their perseverance in what they do causes them to be the successful young adults that they are today.

We celebrate each and every one of them, and because we know who they are as individuals, we want the community to get to know them too.

Our Consultant profile of this month is of Xolani Ngema (pictured above). He has studied his BA in Psychology. His personal interests consist of leadership, skills and talent development, and people development.


GLC: What do you enjoy about working at Global Lead Consulting?

Xolani: The people are great. Management is a mutual concern, and work becomes personal. There is a fantastic environment for growth, as well as we all celebrate life together.


GLC: What drew you to apply at Global Lead Consulting?

Xolani: my interest in the company consisted of three aspects:

  • The area: I am a Joburger who has always wanted to move to Cape Town
  • The recruitment strategy: there is a competency recruitment model. This model saves time and it ensures that candidates’ competencies are highly regarded in the selection process, which eliminates favouritism and biases.
  • IT focused recruitment: my interest has been on recruitment, some of those who produce interventions that will have a significant positive impact in our economy, such that we able to compete at a global scale. Thus, Global Lead Consulting has played a focal role in allowing me to do that.

GLC: What fulfilment do you get out of being a Recruitment Consultant?

Xolani: When I hear or see candidates expressing their gratefulness after finding a position for them, nothing is more satisfying than that. The biggest encouragement is knowing that I played a significant role in changing someone’s life.


GLC: What are your day-to-day duties?

Xolani: I place job advertisements, source IT talent, screen job applications, conduct interviews on shortlisted candidates, and schedule referral interviews with candidates.


GLC: Do you have any advice for prospective and future candidates?

Xolani: from all I have experienced and witnessed, I can give the following advice:

  • Make sure that your CV is attractive and neat. Preferably highlight the skills and experience that are relevant to the position.
  • An individual who identifies himself with an organization would more than likely show greater job satisfaction and organization citizenship.
  • If possible, try to find more information on who your interviewers will be. If such information is available, search their profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Preparation for an interview is always an advantage, as well as researching on the organizational culture fit.
  • Know what skills are required for the position you are interviewing for.
  • 90% of the time you are not the only person who applied or who is interviewing for the position, therefore you need a strong selling point that sets you apart from other candidates.

Xolani is a man who believes in the word “extraordinary” – meaning the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is extra. He believes in doing that bit more which sets you beyond most.

He believes that excellence is a standard of constantly nullifying passiveness.