Time sure flies when you’re having fun…

As the first month of 2018 comes to an end, we at Global Lead Consulting are making sure we are fully prepared for the year ahead. If this year is anything like 2017 (and we’ll make sure it is), we are in for one exciting ride!

We started this year grateful because we had an exceptional 2017, from adding a fleet of 6 bakkies for our IT Field Service Technicians all over South Africa, to doing our bit for the community by donating 115 computers. What excited us most was the launch of Miskyah’s Favourites. If you are a keen follower of Global Lead Consulting, and we sure hope you are, you would have seen the campaign on all our social media pages, overflowing with photos of excited staff counting down the days. Even after the launch of the Miskyah’s Favourites campaign, the excitement continued with people all over South Africa wanting to be “a Favourite”. And we completely understand why!

As we settle into 2018, we are excited about the goals we set for this year. We welcome the challenges that this year will bring, and we’ll embrace them in true Global Lead Consulting fashion.

With this being said, are you ready to go GLOBAL? Because we sure are!