Any IT recruitment agency looks for the person who knows how to look presentable. The first point of becoming a successful worker or businessman is to dress like one. Always remember, when you are going in for an interview, you need to dress to impress the interviewer and show them why you should be hired.
Most people assume that the IT industry is not concerned with dress sense and appearance, but trust us when we say it, almost 60% of your interview depends upon the way you dress. Whether you are applying in an IT organization or looking forward to start your professional career with a multinational company, your first job is to impress your prospective boss with your dress sense and personality. Keep in mind the following tips and dress to impress.

Dress a level or two up according to the job nature:
Always dress a level or two up while going for an interview. Whether you are giving an interview for personal assistance, a light jacket with pants with an appropriate pale colored shirt is a good way to go. By dressing well, you give the message to the interviewers that you know what it takes for an interview and you respect the post you are applying for.
Dress up according to your judgment:
Dress up using your instinct and keeping in mind the nature of the job. Is it always necessary to wear a suit to interviews? We think not. Make sure to learn the industry or organization’s fashion culture in which you have applied and follow the same theme as other employees have been using. Dress up according to the trend and use your instincts. You might not want to look overconfident in front of the interviewer.
Look comfortable yet presentable:
This is surely the most important point of your dressing. Whenever you are dressing up for an interview, always make sure to wear comfortable clothes. You don’t want to make a fool out yourself by wearing something that doesn’t fit. Invest in some quality clothing if you don’t have any appropriate items and dress up to look comfortable as well as presentable and you have more chances of pulling your interview.