An IT Technician’s job is mainly centered on the operation and maintenance of information systems. IT technicians assemble data-sets and other details that are required to build databases. This includes data management, and procedure writing.

This article is actually centered on software, hardware, and tech that is used by an IT technician, but before we tell you about that, let’s briefly talk about IT technicians and their role in our society.

An IT technician, also called Information Systems Technician, actually refers to a technician of an industry whose main responsibility is to maintain communications and computer systems. They also help in the maintenance of Internet and Intranet websites. They decide how information is presented and thus create digital multimedia and presentation using software and related equipment.

IT technicians also deal with the installation and maintenance of multi-platform networking computer environments, a variety of data networks, and a diverse set of telecommunications infrastructures. They also investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve end-user problems.

Time to cut to the chase and tell you about the tools that IT Technicians use to carry out necessary operations.

Tools Used By an IT Technician

These tools will be grouped into two parts, Hardware and Software:

Hardware Used by an IT Technician:

Screwdrivers: This will include the Hex driver, Phillips head screwdriver, and others. Each used for tightening and loosening different types of screws respectively.
Pliers: This tool is used to hold small parts.
Wire stripper: Used to remove the insulation from a wire so that it can be twisted to other wires.
Punch-down tool: Used to terminate wire into termination blocks.
Wire cutters: This is used to cut wires.
Tweezers: Used to manipulate small parts.
Part retriever: Used to retrieve parts from locations that your hands can’t fit.
Flashlight: Used to light up areas that you can’t see properly.

Software Used by an IT Technician:

Windows 7 Action Center: The Action Center continuously checks to make sure that the firewall and antivirus programs are running.
Antivirus program: Protects against virus attacks.
Antispyware: Protects against software that sends information regarding web surfing.
Window 7 Firewall: Protects against unauthorized communications to and from your computer.
Windows Repair all-in-one by tweaking: This software is extremely powerful, it repairs many issues from Windows update issues to repairing CD/DVD drivers and much more.

Other useful software and hardware tools include:

● Diagnostic Tools
● Cleaning Tools
● Disk Management Tools
● Reference Tools