Every developer or programmer has specific tools that they use to perform their programming magic. Today we’ll talk about .Net developers and the software and hardware tools that they use to create amazing software.

Before I tell you about the software and hardware used by .Net developers, I think it will be right to fill you in on who a .Net developer is and what they do.

Who is a .Net Developer?
A .Net developer could simply be described as a programmer that uses the .Net framework developed by Microsoft, the .Net framework is a software that runs basically on Microsoft Windows.

The work of a .Net developer is basically to create amazing software, the programmer creates this software using some essential tools like Visual Basic, C#A and lots of other software that we will cover in this post.

Some basic requirements of Net developers are;
● Write code using .Net framework.
● Upgrade or debug existing systems.
● Provide technical support, and many more.
Ready for the epic list of software and hardware used by a .Net developer? Okay, here we go:


I’ll start with the hardware used by .Net developers.

Computer: Imagine a phone without a battery, that’s awkward, right? Well, that’s how a .Net developer would be without his computer.


Visual Basic: Visual Basic is a programming environment developed by Microsoft. Most .Net developers use this software to code and create amazing software. It is paramount to refer to Visual Basic as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

SharpDevelop: Another IDE used by .Net developers, SharpDevelop supports the development of applications written in Boo, C# and Visual Basic. This IDE is ideal for programming, it also provides all the features required of an IDE.

.NET Reflector: Here is another tool used by .Net developers, .Net Reflector is a decompiler and static analyzer for software that has been created using the .Net framework.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express: This tool is used in managing and configuring all components within Microsoft SQL server.

TortoiseSVN: This tool is a Subversion client, TortoiseSVN helps programmers to manage different versions of the source code for their programs.

The tools listed in this post are actually used by .Net developers to carry out different tasks, every task unique in their own way. There are just so many tools that are used by .Net developers, some of them are not mentioned in this post.

.Net developers play a very vital role in our society. They are the masterminds behind so many software being used today.