As an IT recruitment agency we have witnessed our fair share of good interviews. We have put together what we think would be the perfect, subtle choice of words and attitude to help you get your dream job.

Are you an IT professional? Are nervous about your next interview? Then this article is tailor made for you. Here are some tips to help you impress your next interviewer.

Act Natural: Be yourself, do not try to imitate someone you watched in a YouTube video an hour before the interview. Never fake your personality. Just trust yourself, do not hesitate. Being an IT professional, your capabilities would always matter more than your personality.

Be honest: IT demands preciseness; you will be caught in seconds if you try wildly guessing the answers. It won’t work in information technology.  So only talk about what you know. Honesty is one of the most attractive things, and lack of it can be dangerous for anybody in future.

Words Are the key: Everything you have done, your IT projects and your research work are your babies. Talk about them in a way people cannot resist praising them. You can make them appear attractive by choosing the right words. So be precise and efficient in your sentences. It is your work, and only you can make it better.

Think Out of the Box: The questions, mostly in the IT related jobs interviews are riddles and brain teasers. Mostly the answers lie very near to the question, all you need is to think outside the box, think unconventionally and voila!

Do not try to be over Frank: The title is ‘self-elaborative,’ keep your calm, keep your nerve. Your interviewer is senior to you, always keep some degree of respect.

Prepare for the interview: IT concepts are tricky yet slippery, it’s natural you will lose your grip on them after a while, so ensure you revise the basic ideas related to your field. Do not get over confident, not even on the basics. You do not want to sit blankly in front of the interviewer.

Knowledge about the firm: You should have the necessary knowledge about the company interviewing you. This way they are able to see how serious you are about the opportunity and are able to assess your overall observation as well.

Let’s start your new job in the most positive way possible. Remove self-doubts, believe in what you have done; it can get you anywhere.