The importance of an IT Technician is evidently clear by the role he plays in an IT department, which has become an integral part of every modern industry. As Information Technology recruiting has evolved tremendously over the last decade, businesses are looking more and more to the advice and expertise of experienced and/or qualified IT Technicians. The fact that IT providers rely heavily on providing quality service, they need an employee who can accommodate these evolving needs, giving them the tools they need to ensure they are performing their duties to the best of their ability. In return, the employee wishes to hire staff that are competent and focused. Ensuring you are well prepared for your interview as an IT technician will give you the upper hand, and here are a few questions they might have:

  • What are your technical certifications?

This is an obvious question we know, but we would like to stress the importance of how you choose to answer this. Take advantage of this question, give as much detail on all certifications you have. Elaborate on each one. This is a great question to show your passion for what you studied.

  • Where did you get your technical certifications?

We all know there are many IT learning institutes out there that are not really known. So, to your potential employer, some names such as MasterGradeIT, would more than likely not hold much value as they won’t recognise the institute off the bat. The way forward from there is to ensure you research your chosen study partners thoroughly, so that along with their name, you can give your interviewer some background on who they are and what certifications they carry as a credited study program.

  • Do you have an example where you applied your technical knowledge in a practical way?

Having an answer to this question will allow you to show what your value was to your previous employer. Depending on your experience with this question, you can really show off some skill, along with your ability to solve problems. Don’t be shy here, and brag away.

  • Sue tells you her computer stops printing at the shared printer, what do you do?

Well, it seems he is asking you for your technical know-how, this question is more to get an indication of how you work under pressure, also your answer gives insight to the interviewer on what kind of approach you take to problem solving in the workplace. This question can be varied, but when approached with a problem solving question on the spot, ensure you take your time to process what you will say, remembering that you want to show off your ability to take initiative and solve problems.

  • What operating systems do you work with?

To ensure you’re 100% prepared for this question, research the various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux-based Ubuntu OS and Mac OS, to see if you can find any upcoming upgrades or changes. Having knowledge about these operating systems and how to effectively use them will put you in a better position in the interview and will help you throughout your professional career. This also allows you to have a professional opinion, therefore giving you the opportunity to show your industry knowledge. While doing all that you show your potential employer that you stay current.


While applying for an IT technician job you know that technical review is a must. Prepare your best possible knowledge about the recent developments in the field by keeping in touch with the latest tech news and magazines.

Having a good knowledge of your field will put you at a huge advantage. Start your preparation at least a week before the interview and go through some of the most asked questions available on the internet or other sources.

Remember, you can never be too prepared.