Global Lead Consulting is involved in an exciting partnership with the NGO Elect Effect to increase computer literacy especially with regards to using the internet and e-mail, and learning basic Word and Excel skills.

The Elect Effect initiative was founded in 2014, its ultimate aim is to develop, equip and support marginalized and previously disadvantaged South African women to establish and grow small businesses or get sustainable jobs and incomes. Over the last three years, Elect Effect has trained over 80 graduates with many success stories to add to its name.

The project falls under the umbrella of Hope Foundation International (HFI) managed by Project Leader Marieta Greyling. HFI is a dynamic foundation that helps individuals to prosper and excel through community development, innovative training programs and the building of sustainable economic initiatives.

According to statistics in South Africa and globally it is proven that computer literacy strongly impacts individuals at both a personal and personal development level. Technology has the potential to transcend poverty, race and economics and become a driving force in the lives of people across the world.

In addition to offering specific courses, Elect Effect’s offering is unique in that it also provides compulsory core training programmes including a Personal Development Programme and a Job Readiness & Basic Computer Programme.

In the Personal Development Programme classes, students learn about themselves, their surroundings and get trained to become contributing members of society. The focus is not only on HOW, but also on making students aware that they CAN.

In the Job Readiness & Basic Computer Programme, students learn everything about interviews, protocol and etiquette; as well as being a valued employee.

It is our belief that access to technology brings young people into contact with the broader world at large, opening up immense opportunities to education and vocational training in a very cost effective way, even though we are only touching the ‘tip of the iceberg’ by enticing them in a world that expands beyond their horizons, with endless possibilities.

For more information on this project feel free to contact our General Manager Miskyah Toth @ Global Lead Consulting.

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